Harrogate chapel reborn: Channel 4 updates the Hinchliffe saga, while Yorkshire Post has the pictures

George Clarke, Restoration Man,C4

George Clarke: Channel 4’s Restoration-Man

Channel 4 at 7pm, Saturday 13 May – Methodist Church Revisit 2017, and afterwards on demand online – George catches up with Mark Hinchliffe in his spectacular Methodist church and Sunday school conversion project in Harrogate, now officially renamed The Chapel HG1 – Yorkshire Post’s TV choice (47 minutes).

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In the Chinese Opium Suite at HG1: owner Mark Hinchliffe with Channel’s Restoration Man George Clarke

Restoration Man George Clarke’s closing verdict
tonight on the Hinchliffe renovation of the
Grove Road Chapel in Harrogate:

“Mark’s infectious energy has saved not one but two local landmarks and it’s taken him nearly four years of hard work, dedication and courage to make that happen.

“Yes, it’s quirky. Yes, it’s an eccentric collector’s house but, my word, it is magnificent.”

“It’s an amazing home. That’s what it is: a unique, brilliant, magical, wonderful home. I’ve never seen anything like it. The sensitivity of Mark’s restoration has been truly respectful to this grand building. It’s now a home and a unique place for future events and unique gatherings – a focal point for the local community.”

About The Chapel HG1

Owner, property developer, collector. Reach me via email info@thechapelhg1.com Chapel House Harrogate has been renamed The Chapel HG1
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