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One man’s vision expressed through a lifetime of collecting

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Giant skull by stone specialist Lapicida: George Clarke’s film crew from Tiger Aspect Productions seem unable to believe their eyes

Every detail of the Chapel interior aims to provide
a talking point, says Mark Hinchliffe

I’m fortunate in my middle years to have amassed a unique collection of quirky objects and curios that express my eclectic tastes in all manner of art forms. These tastes run from contemporary prints and modernist glass-ware and classics of modern furniture to speculative purchases of vintage furnishing fabrics and wallpaper, and objets d’art such as a monumental Gothic plant-holder, or a floor-standing Chinese vase, the monumental stone wine cooler crafted by Lapicida, which you see above, and the marble sculpture by Paul Vanstone, below. All of these are about to be brought out of their storage places for the benefit of visitors to The Chapel to lend strong themes – French, Italian, Indian, Chinese – to the many substantial rooms in this renovated Victorian building.

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Grove Road, Methodist Chapel, Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK, chapelhouseharrogate, art,

Floor-standing Chinese vase one metre wide for storing live koi


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